Top Reasons to Dine Out at a Local Cajun Seafood Restaurant When You’re Hungry

Eating out at a restaurant is one of the best excuses to get out of the house and have a bit of fun. Whether you don’t have the energy to fix up a meal or you’re simply tired of getting the same order from the local takeout place, it’s also a great way to unwind.

If you want to spice things up a bit and try out something new, you could head to one of the many Cajun seafood restaurants serving the Houston area. Besides sampling some of the most delectable dishes, there are also other perks of skipping on home meals.

Spend Time with Friends and Family

Dining out is almost always regarded as a family affair. Restaurants are more than willing to provide a laid back environment where you freely converse and bond with close friends and family. If you don’t spend enough time in the same room on a daily basis, try to make the most of it. You can sit down and avoid distractions while enjoying a meal together and getting the chance to catch up. Imposing a “no gadgets and no work talk at the table” rule can also further enrich the experience. Just take this opportunity to enjoy good food and each other’s company. After all, it might be a long while before you can get everybody together again in the same space due to work or school commitments. Read more from this article:


Plan the Perfect Night Out at Restaurants that Offer Good Food and Live Music

Texas has many attractions and activities to offer both tourists and locals alike. You’ll never run out of things to do for an entertaining night out on the town. Picking from the many different options available is difficult at times. The sheer number of choices makes planning a daunting task.

There are, however, some easy steps to narrow down your search and make choosing your evening plans simpler than looking through endless catalogs of recommendations.

What Do You Want to Do?

First, you need to figure out what you want to do. Dinner is obviously a given because everyone needs a hearty meal to prepare for an active night. This doesn’t mean that dinner has to be a boring ordeal though. Many of the restaurants throughout Texas offer so much more than a meal. Dinner and a show pique the interests of some people. Other people look to enjoy the local musical talent. Your personal interests shape this decision, and it helps shortlist appropriate places to eat. You can also separate entertainment and dinner, although many great places provide a tasty meal and entertainment in one convenient place. Read more from this article:

There’s Enough Crawfish Around to Satisfy Your Crustacean Cravings

As more and more people in Kemah and elsewhere are drawn to the amazing taste of crawfish, you have to ask yourself if they will one day become extinct. After all, once you’ve got a taste for these bad boys, you’d want to eat them daily. Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about any shortage any time soon, and here are the reasons why.

Crawfish Mature and Reproduce Quickly

The average age for a crawfish to reach sexually maturity is 3 months. Red Swamp Crayfish, are common in the Southeastern United States. A healthy female can produce as many as 600 eggs in a season and reproduce twice a year. That’s a lot of baby crawfish! Texas holds great waters for the reproduction of crawfish, making it a prime spot to find restaurants that serve up these tasty crustaceans by the bucket load. Read more from this article:

Take Yourself To a Culinary Adventure By Tasting Cajun Food

For folks who don’t know what Cajun food is, it’s basically the cuisine of the Cajun people. These people originated in the south of France, emigrated to Nova Scotia and founded a colony called Acadia. The British kicked them out in the 18th century, and a lot of them fled to Louisiana.

As refugees, the early iterations of Cajun cuisine was practical, and consisted largely of dishes that could be cooked in one pot and anything that proved to be edible, including alligator. Blended with herbs and spices found in the Louisiana bayous, even the weirdest animal protein was transformed into a fantastically delicious and memorable meal.

New World Flavors

Besides alligator, the transplanted Acadians learned to catch local fish such as catfish, perch and bass and to hunt for possum, wild turkey, raccoon, deer and squirrel. The Native Americans taught them how to grow such New World staples as corn, potatoes, beans and rice while African Americans introduced them to okra and sugarcane. Gumbo, of course, is impossible without okra. Read more from this article:

Year Round Crawfish Supply Makes Crawfish Part of Every Houston Holiday Tradition

When many people think of craw fish, they picture a big get-together party on the beach as the perfect way of bringing summer to an end. While there is nothing wrong with a craw fish party, don’t limit yourself to only a Labor Day event. A menu of craw fish has existed in many countries and cultures for thousands of years as a holiday tradition. By having year round crawfish in Houston available, you can plan your next holiday celebration regardless of the time of year.

Why Celebrate at the End of Summer?

We can thank the Finnish for making crayfish parties so popular at the end of summer. It all started in the 16th century when Finland started raising crawfish for food. The fresh river waters were perfect for these little shellfish, or jokirapu, to thrive. July 21 through the end of October was the noted crayfish, or rapukausi season. This celebration of the crayfish continues today, not only in Finland, but all around the world. Read more from this article:

The Rich and Tangled History of Crawfish in Houston, Texas

If the first city you think of when someone mentions crawfish is New Orleans, no one will blame you. But you might be surprised to learn about Houston’s intimate relationship with the delicious little crustaceans.

The Crazy Frenchman

It’s a love affair dating back to the early 1960s, when A.J. Judice Jr., the Crazy Frenchman, first introduced Louisiana-raised crawfish at his store in Port Arthur. Judice understood the importance of advertising, and his flamboyant personality served him well.

In 1963, as a way to promote his business, he began the beloved tradition of crawfish racing to Texas. Few would argue that Judice was the godfather of crawfish in Texas, and he was later appointed a Texas Crawfish Racing Commissioner by the state’s governor. Read more from this article:

Cajun Cuisine Offers a Wide Variety of Hearty, Flavor-Rich Comfort Food

Here Are Some Top Reasons Why You Should Be Trying Cajun Food Now

Some people say that when you need to feel good, you have to load up on some serious Cajun food. Cajun cuisine represents good food with a soul. It comes from rich culinary traditions rooted in a deep Cajun culture found in Mississippi and Louisiana. This cuisine is characterized by rich flavors meant to give diners a sense of comfort. A combination of spices are used for a great variety of seafood and meats, which is why Cajun food is always well seasoned.

Chefs take pride in making sure everything that they cook and present to diners is rich and flavorful. In fact, chefs typically rely on Cajun cuisine’s holy trinity of celery, bell pepper, and onion, for its unique flavor profile. Regular complements to round out its palate appeal include garlic, thyme, paprika, parsley, green onion and ground sassafras leaves or filé. Together, they create some of the most popular Cajun dishes to be treasured by various kitchens and their diners throughout the country.

If you don’t know your way around Cajun cooking, don’t despair quite yet. After all, there are a number of restaurants across the country that readily serve delicious Cajun cuisine. In fact, when you are craving for Cajun food in Houston, following are some dishes you should not forget to order. Read more from this blog: