Cajun Seafood Dishes You Should Try on Your Next Night Out


Almost everyone gets a craving for Cajun seafood every once in awhile, which is no surprise as it’s been a staple in Louisiana and Texas for many years. It’s always a good idea to try new things and mix up your diet, so next time maybe you ought to try both Creole and Cajun seafood dishes at a good restaurant for a full southern food experience.

Characteristics of Cajun Seafood

Creole cooking and Cajun food are known for their deep flavors, use of seafood and hearty ingredients. Cajun food tends to include the ‘holy trinity’ of vegetables, which are onion, celery and bell pepper. These products give Cajun food a distinctive base. You may also find tomatoes as a key ingredient in Creole cooking, though true Cajun cuisine doesn’t often use them.

The most common seafoods used in Cajun cuisine include crawfish, lobster, and shrimp. If you’re more interested in meat, then pork, chicken and beef can also be used. Traditionally, Cajun cooking uses every part of the animal to add flavor and to avoid waste, so if you want to know exactly what you’re eating, you need to ask the restaurant. Read more on this article:


How Year Round Crawfish Supplies are Sustainably Caught and Farmed


When you get a craving for crawfish, you’re unlikely to want to wait for the crawfish season, but that is alright. Each year, more than 150 million pounds of crawfish are harvested, and sustainable production isn’t just limited to the crawfish season.

To keep up with year round crawfish demand, wild crawfish is caught during crawfish season and is sustainably farmed for harvesting the rest of the year. Here’s how it’s done.

Fishing During Crawfish Season

Wild crawfish season is between January and July, with the best months for fishing being March, April and May. If the weather is warmer the yield will be better, and crawfish may sometimes be harvested from December, though this varies from year to year. Read more on this article:

Why is Live Music so Popular at the Best Local Restaurants?


It’s no secret that music has a huge impact on people and society in general. After all, it is one of the few things that has the ability to almost instantly uplift people’s moods. According to studies, most Americans listen to between four and five hours of music a day. Even while eating a restaurant, live music can do more than just create an atmosphere, there are a whole host of reasons why you should eat at a restaurant playing live music.

Improve Your Happiness Level

Apart from creating a great atmosphere in your restaurant of choice, live music can offer you surprising health benefits which can make your dining experience even better. Studies have found that when your mood is high, you create longer lasting memories and find it easier to recall pleasant experiences.

Science has also shown that as you listen to music, it begins to have an effect on the autonomic nervous system. Music also has an effect on the limbic system which is responsible for feelings and emotion. In a review of 23 studies, it was found that music helped reduce blood pressure, heart rate and anxiety. Read more from this blog:

A Quick Beginner’s Guide to Eating and Enjoying Crawfish in Cajun Cuisine


Many people, especially from the South, are fond of eating crawfish, and are surprised when someone says they don’t know how to eat this tasty crustacean. Those who have no idea how to eat a crawfish will often be eager to learn. There are just a few things you’ll need to know before biting into your first crawfish.

A Brief Background on Cajun Food

Cajun food came from the Acadians, French speakers who settled in the South after being driven from their original homes in Canada in the 18th Century. Upon settling in Louisiana and the surrounding states, they adapted their style of cooking to fit with the ingredients that were easily available in the swampy environment: crawfish and seafood, rice, deep spices, vegetables, and potatoes. Many Cajun dishes you’ll eat include what’s known as the ‘holy trinity’ of vegetables. The combination of onion, bell pepper and celery create a familiar and delicious base that many dishes are built upon.

Crawfish are a freshwater crustacean that thrives in swampy settings. Even today, crawfish are farmed with rice paddies as their habitat, as well as being caught in the wild in states such as Texas and Louisiana. Read more from this blog:

You’ll Find These Vitamins and Minerals that You Need Most in Crawfish

Crawfish Contain Lots of Protein to Build and Repair Bodily Tissues

Everyone knows that it’s important to eat healthy food with good nutritional content, but sometimes it can be hard to tell which ones they are. If you regularly enjoy eating crawfish, you will be pleased to know that these crustaceans provide a lot of nutrition and are a healthy option to select when you choose to go out for a meal.

The Macronutrients of Crawfish

Crawfish have very low carbohydrate content, and only trace amounts will be found in a serving. Many people find large amounts of carbohydrates cause them to bloat, so try to cut down on their intake. When you select crawfish from the menu, you won’t need to worry about the amount of carbs you’re consuming.

The major macronutrient in crawfish is protein. You’ll get around 30% of your recommended daily allowance of protein from just one serving of crawfish, which contains about 14.9 grams of protein in each portion. Protein helps your body to repair and build tissues such as muscle, and your hair and nails are mostly constructed from it, so you should always consume your recommended daily allowance. It’s important to keep your intake high as your body doesn’t store proteins, and there won’t be any to draw on if your consumption drops. Fish and meat are a high source of protein, which is why it’s such a good thing to eat crawfish when you can. Read more from this blog:

Why Live Music Promotes a Better Restaurant Dining Experience for Everyone

Many people enjoy regular meals out at their favorite restaurants, and lots of people also enjoy heading out to listen to live music. How many people consciously make a decision to combine the two, though? Research shows that more people should be, as there are strong connections between listening to music and having a better dining experience.

Could music be the key to feeling healthier, happier and improving your relationship with food?
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